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June 21, 2017

Ladyboy Vicky 3

Skinny Fuck Bunny

I caught Vicky in the mall wearing some silly Easter bunny outfit. She was promoting some store that mainly sold chocolates. I talked to her, got her number and in the evening I called her and invited her to come over and bring that uniform she wore earlier and that I wanted her to hide some eggs in my room. She told me she would if she could. she had to leave the uniform behind because some of... read more

17 minutes

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New Exclusive Updates Every Wednesday!

June 14, 2017

Ladyboy Vava

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

One thing I love about Thailand is the number of locations offering rooms you can turn to to do your dirt. You are never far away when you are in Pattaya which is a blessing especially when you run into devilish girls like Vava. I met her at a bar, I sat down at a stool and before I could say a word she was between my legs slowly grinding her behind over my crotch, I just stood straight back up... read more

23 minutes

June 7, 2017

Ladyboy Sugas

Hello Sugas

I had fallen straight in love with Sugas soft skin, huge eyes and downright sexy lips. So I had to get her back as fast as possible. I lay awake at night anticipating meeting up with her again but I clearly wasn't the only one because she was hard to reach. Watch her in this video wearing a cat outfit ejoying cock like a good girl should. Try not to fall in love with her sweetness, that is a... read more

24 minutes

May 31, 2017

Ladyboy Hannah

Shy Cutie Pie

When Hannah and I got to the room, and after she had agreed to do a hardcore video, she suddenly became hesitant. Basically when the lights came on. She asked me to tell her again what I wanted to do. The way her dick started increasing in size showed her mind said yes ... but her mouth wasn't sure yet. Luckily she listened to her throbbing cock in the end and did as all a favor. Hannah's... read more

12 minutes

May 24, 2017

Ladyboy Feya

Big Puppy Eyes

I saw Feya with some of her friends, one of whom I already knew at the mall, so I messaged my friend and asked her to ask her friend to come over and sit down with me. From a distance I watched as my friend talked to Feya, pointed at me for a moment and then all of them seemed to let go of a giggle, after a few moments Feya stood up and walked over looking straight at me, I felt my balls... read more

16 minutes

May 17, 2017

Ladyboy Moo

Big Moo

Moo showed up stuffed in jeans that seemed to tear any second. Although she is heavy, she is sexy and she will let you know. She loves to eat cock and she let me know as well. I couldn't remember ever banging a big girl before so I was curious how it was. It was good, she felt soft and warm like a nice pillow to fall asleep on, and I almost did. Maybe bigger is really better. read more

21 minutes

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New Exclusive Updates Every Wednesday!

May 10, 2017

Ladyboy Marky

Caught Off Guard

After chatting with Marky for a while I decided to ask her to come over and do a shoot, she agreed and told me sheíd be over in two hours. Where usually that means one to two hours after the agreed time I nearly dropped my drink when there was a sudden banging on the door a mere thirty minutes after I put my phone down. I opened and told her she was fast and I thought it were someone else... read more

16 minutes

May 3, 2017

Ladyboy Donut 3

Minny Donut ... Big Fun

Donut is very eager to become a well renowned porn star so she keeps pushing for more airtime, this time she brought a friend in order to seduce me into making another video with her. When Minny followed Donut into my room I was happy she did. Mine doesn't speak any English but luckily Donut does. So when I told Donut to tell her friend what to do I got some free Thai lessons on how to say suck... read more

30 minutes

April 26, 2017

Ladyboy Berry

Strawberry Shakes Facial

I met Berry at a club where she caught my eye when she was drinking a strawberry & rum drink through a straw. Licking her lips overtime showed me she either really loved the taste are she was as horny as I was, or maybe both. So I decided to go over and offer her another bottle of what she was having, her smile told me she didnít mind me being there. I put my arm around her and told her my cock... read more

15 minutes

April 19, 2017

Ladyboy Sugas

Give Me More Sugar

From the moment I saw her I knew what I wanted .Sugas had this sweet innocent look on her face while she was having her ice cream. I approached her, offered her another ice cream just so I could see her lick the ice from her lips. It gave me an erection right there. I had to wait for her to finish her second serving before I could get up without having everyone notice how excited I was. We went... read more

21 minutes