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January 18, 2017

Ladyboy Amie

As Hard As It Stays Bareback

Amie was my fail safe. My original girl decided it was a great idea to just stop answering her phone two hours prior to our meet up. I had been saving up my cum for almost two days straight and I was ready to burst. I had to have someone, anyone over right away. As if someone told her, Amie contacted me casually where I was and what I was doing. I didn't tell her the truth, instead made up some... read more

25 minutes

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New Exclusive Updates Every Wednesday!

January 11, 2017

Ladyboy Kaori

Perfect Ending to a Date

When I met Kaori in a club it was love at first sight. The way she moved, the way she smiled at her friends, she looked stunning to say the least. I thought about how it would be if she were my girlfriend, when I gathered the courage to go talk to her I was so nervous I asked her to marry me instead of going on a date. She laughed, gathered herself and said no, at that point I had nothing to... read more

25 minutes

January 4, 2017

Ladyboy Patty

Pouty Face Diva

Watching Patty's behind move in circles is hypnotizing, her putting on a sad face and pouting her lips made me feel like a total jerk if I wouldn't have pulled her out of the venue she was working and though I am a jerk, I do engage in charity every now and again, looks like Patty got lucky that night. And me too. read more

20 minutes

December 28, 2016

Ladyboy Nanny

Ghost of Ladyboycock Past Bareback

After nearly a year of radio silence and I don't know how many boyfriends she might've had, I suddenly saw Nanny's familiar cute face pop up on a dating website. I had a great session with her before so I immediately picked up the phone and told her I wanted to bed her, breed her and marry her before it was too late. Unfortunately the breeding and marrying wasn't meant to be but the bedding is... read more

19 minutes

December 21, 2016

Ladyboy Aoki

Japanese Housewife

Aoki is the perfect Japanese wife, she cooks, she cleans and all she asks for in return is that you take her out to her favourite sushi restaurant every now and again Öthat and also to treat her as the dirty little girl she actually is after dinner when she tries to trap you by getting pregnant with your baby which of course canít happen to special women like her so you can blast away and fill... read more

24 minutes

December 14, 2016

Ladyboy Angel

Dickgirl Doppleganger

Little Angel is as cute as they get, short, fit and angel faced. Maybe it was the whiskey doing the judging but she kind of reminded of A teenage version of that girl who played in otherwise crappy Dark Angel series. I always wanted to have a go with her so I didnít hesitate for a second when I saw this girl that made me think of her. I sat down with her and whispered in her ear what I wanted... read more

26 minutes

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New Exclusive Updates Every Wednesday!

December 7, 2016

Ladyboy Benzey

Two Ladyboy Blowjob

I was feeling particularly evil horny after I got drunk at a bar thought I was in for a nice long night with this cute girl I had been buying drinks but when the time came to move on the next stage it turned out we both had very different intentions and I ended up empty handed. So I rang Benzey and told her about my appetite. She suggested she'd bring a friend and I agreed. Once they showed up... read more

22 minutes

November 30, 2016

Ladyboy Pamela

Busty Raw Dog Sex

Pamela had been so nice to me in our previous meetings, I just had to get her back once more but this time I wanted to fuck her bareback. She had never had bareback sex before so it took a while before she agreed to do it. When I was sliding back and forth into her little tight hole she discovered how good it felt without the rough skin irritating rubber and begged me for more. I spurted all... read more

26 minutes

November 23, 2016

Ladyboy Yuki

Slimy and Busty Cum Target

I had been gathering as many Japanese Twitter friends in Japan as I could hoping I could find one that understands English enough so I wouldn't have to rely on unreliable translate service apps or websites, you wouldn't believe the miscommunication it caused. After a translation came out saying I need pay to same farm trucker friend. I knew it was time to just keep searching until I found a... read more

31 minutes

November 16, 2016

Ladyboy Donut

Hung & Collared Cum Mixture

I had met Donut a year before through a friend at a party where she showed great interest in my porn adventures and then never saw her again, that was until I saw her enter the convenience store to buy some water and detergent. I approached her and to me delight she recognized me instantly. She told me she had seen some of my videos and she loved them. I immediately moved in and asked her if... read more

18 minutes