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November 14, 2018

Vicky 3

Two Flat Chested Beauties

I went out for a drink on a Friday night, horny as can be so I went to a spot where you can find as many ladyboys in one place as possible, so yeah, that would be downtown Pattaya. I had some food and drinks at a restaurant first before I made my... read more

29 minutes | LadyboyVice

November 10, 2018

Cindy 3

Made To Entertain

One of the most popular Ladyboys that leaves any guy Cindy pleases in a daze and longing for the next time he can meet her truly entered the porn scene way too late. Cindy breathes sex, if she exhales in your face directly you are under her spell... read more

17 minutes | LadyboyObsession

November 7, 2018



A cute friend of mine whose boyfriend didn't allow her to take part in porn was looking particularly hot last night. So I struck up a conversation to see if maybe she were single and finally freed from her shackles. She told me nope but she had a... read more

16 minutes | LadyboyVice

October 31, 2018


Cutting Kilos Pissing BJ

I saw Lotus had gained some weight. I told her if she didn't watch herself she might end up getting as fat as myself. That gave her a good scare. She asked what to do, I told her to drink a lot of water and find a way to get rid of her appetite.... read more

29 minutes | LadyboyVice

October 27, 2018

Benz 4

Bare Essentials Barebacking

Due to an unfortunate situation in which I was assaulted by a tropical storm with nowhere to hide, my iPhone which was a model not found in the more recent water proof iterations, got a taste of rain season and decided it was too much to take and... read more

19 minutes | LadyboyObsession

October 24, 2018

Sakura 2

Androgynous Sakura

Allow me to introduce Sakura to you, for those who have never met her, she is a wonderful girl, with an even more wonderful body and nice set off balls to top it off. Her frame literally reminded me of catwalk models, her hair reminded me of... read more

20 minutes | LadyboyVice

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New Exclusive Updates Every Wednesday!

October 17, 2018


Big Dick Maew

I had asked around Cascades in Bangkok who had the largest dick of them all, I figured it would be the best way to find out because they know each other and several girls pointed me in Maew's direction. I had seen her dance and sit with guys... read more

23 minutes | LadyboyVice

October 13, 2018


In Chains Creampie

A friend of mine asked if I could look after his apartment for a while because he had to leave the country for a while and was worried his angry ex girlfriend might drop by and take a few things. A change of scenery from time to time is something... read more

19 minutes | LadyboyObsession

October 10, 2018

Kim 5

Red Headed secretary

I had had enough of things and tried to apply for a real job at random companies. When I went in for my first interview the secretary of the guy I was going to talk to told me to take a seat and wait a few minutes. I sat down at the chair in front... read more

21 minutes | LadyboyVice

October 3, 2018

Belle 3

Beauty and the Bloke

I have this friend whom I grew up with, who is a huge fan of live action remakes of old classic cartoons but has no one that shares her interest so I offered to come along. She texted me she was running late and she'd come to the seats when she... read more

24 minutes | LadyboyVice

September 29, 2018


College Girl Blowjob

What can I tell you about Mi Cha, a.k.a Rinda? Well, for starters, when I saw her getting in the mini van on her way to college several times, I honestly thought she was a girl. It wasn't until another Ladyboy introduced me to her that I found out... read more

24 minutes | LadyboyObsession

September 26, 2018


Sugar Coated Sex Bunny

Sugas is one of those amazing boys that make for really convincing girls and make a real effort looking sexy in order to have her hole filled with dick as often as possible, it's very hard to turn her down. Whenever I see her message asking me how... read more

21 minutes | LadyboyVice

September 19, 2018


College Mos Wanted

Sex bomb Mos just got sexier, coming straight over after a lecture from some guy who probably knows it all was a huge surprise. So when she moved on to the undressing bit I stopped her in her tracks. I was pretty sure her fans would much rather... read more

27 minutes | LadyboyVice

September 15, 2018

Aom 1

Festival Girl Cuffed Sex

I remember the first few times I was out in the country side, visiting small cities and towns and just experience life around those areas. Sometimes when I got lucky there would be some sort of celebration in the evening with singing and dancing... read more

16 minutes | LadyboyObsession

September 12, 2018

Kib 2

Kib Me in the Loop

Fresh faced teenage Kib showed up with zero make up but with long, loose feminine silky hair. It's amazing how little some boys have to do to look like a sexy girl that screams fuck me. Kib loves receiving dick up her ass, you can tell by the way... read more

22 minutes | LadyboyVice

September 5, 2018


Post Piss Cleaning Service

Gan is familiar to members here so I wanted to present her in a way that hadn't been done before. So what better way to do that than to urinate all over her sexy skinny body and face. She came over a deal later than she was supposed to so by that... read more

23 minutes | LadyboyVice

September 1, 2018

Benz 4

Messy Lipstick Bath BJ & HJ

I was very excited about the latest condo I managed to rent at a fair price, it was still brand new and had a bathtub next to a window but the placing was tactful so no one would be able to see. I hadnít used the bathtub yet so what better way to... read more

19 minutes | LadyboyObsession

August 29, 2018

Gale 2

Smooth as Gale

I had seen Gale around for a while, I noticed her naughty cute kissy face. I had approached her several times and asked her to make a movie with me, we got close to it but I lost my phone and didn't see her around for a while. All this led to me... read more

26 minutes | LadyboyVice

August 22, 2018


Yuki's secret

I had had this ladyboy I dated a couple of time who was a huge fan of the Victoria's "thing you don't tell" fashion shows. So this one day I thought I'd do something nice for her and bought some pink VS knickers for her. I could picture it in my... read more

22 minutes | LadyboyVice

August 18, 2018


Teenage Surprise

Hiroko was introduced to me by Fujiko, I'm pretty sure they both weren't from Japan but the names and the clothes they prefer showed me they were very much into anime and Kawaii which is something of a Japanese sense of cuteness. Them being boys... read more

21 minutes | LadyboyObsession

August 15, 2018

Cake 3

Sugar Coating the Cake

Cake is super sexy, she has smooth, completely hairless skin, soft hormone tits and a face full of acne. I remember I was turned off by acne when I was younger, hell I suffered from it somewhat myself when my hormones started raging. Now for me... read more

23 minutes | LadyboyVice

August 8, 2018


Best of Times

Best told me she was in town because she had visited a friend so I jumped on the opportunity to invite her over to my condo. Best is so illegally sexy that you know you wouldn't be able to introduce her to your parents and sit down with a straight... read more

25 minutes | LadyboyVice

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