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May 22, 2019

May 11

Drenched in Sperm & Urine

It's always nice to see May again. She was one of the first ladyboys I ever made porn videos with. May is always patient and is up for everything, so when I told her I enjoy to give golden showers she knew where I was going. May she said she'd... read more

28 minutes | LadyboyVice

May 15, 2019


Reach Around Fuck

I was on the subway and when I lifted my foot to step outside someone bumped into me almost knocking me to the ground. I was already cranky so I reacted angrily, then I noticed it was a woman, she turned around and then I noticed she was a rather... read more

20 minutes | LadyboyVice

May 8, 2019

Donut 3

Piss Lips

Donut was the first girl I recorded a nice and dirty pee session. That was great but I felt like it could be done better. So with a number of other experiences in the pocket I decided to ring her bell and invite her over for a repeat. I made her... read more

24 minutes | LadyboyVice

May 1, 2019

Nutty 2

Bareback Punishment

Nutty is always such a turn on with her hair tightly pulled across her head in a pony tail. It gives me the sense that she is very much into power play and bondage, that and perhaps the fact she usually has a stuffy as soon as the cuffs are... read more

18 minutes | LadyboyVice

April 24, 2019


Mean Lean Fuck Machine

Few will disagree, Lyomi has one of the most lean and sexy bodies you will ever be lucky enough to find. Her lovely smile, her convincing girly voice, her big eyes, all of this combined with that hot body of hers makes her a quite the catch.... read more

28 minutes | LadyboyVice

April 17, 2019


Fresh Sugas Bareback

Sugas hit me up on WhatsApp and send me pic of her new set of braces along with a message in which she called me daddy and asked how I liked it. I replied by sending a pic of my bulge and a time and that was all I needed to send for her to... read more

22 minutes | LadyboyVice

What is Ladyboy Vice? is all about featuring the deepest ladyboy fetish fantasies. Experience ladyboy fuckdolls get chained, gagged and handcuffed in filthy shorttime rooms around Thailand while getting barebacked until they are covered in cum. There's no limit to what these sexy fuckdoll tgirls are willing to do to satisfy your every need. Explore your ladyboy fetish fantasies here on!

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April 13, 2019

Amy 5

Coffee Table Sex Bareback

Amy is one of those Ladyboys that mainly hooks up with men and get paid because she loves the dick rather than the money, this way she never gets turned down, knows exactly why guys contact her and she can get off and as a bonus have some money... read more

18 minutes | LadyboyObsession

April 10, 2019


Skinny & Fresh off the Bus

Nahm has this innocent countryside Issarn nice girl charm all over her and it makes sense because that was exactly where she came from, when I met her, she had only arrived in Bangkok a few days earlier for her first ever visit to the capital to... read more

24 minutes | LadyboyVice

April 3, 2019


A Diva But She's Worth It

Bew is a very pretty and convincing girl you could safely prance around with in any Western city without people thinking she is packing heat between her legs, isn't that exactly what we all want? She could sit down with your parents on a Sunday... read more

20 minutes | LadyboyVice

March 30, 2019


Sleep Over PJs Bareback

I was bored out of my mind but too lazy to go out and do anything so I texted Venus to see what she was doing. She was thinking about going to the cinema and indulge in pop corn. So I proposed she'd come to my place for a sleepover movie night and... read more

18 minutes | LadyboyObsession

March 27, 2019

Nanny 2

Dirty Nanny Pee Pee

Nanny is a great find, though she might have packed on a few extra pounds. She has a very cute face and loves to get pounded. She prefers bareback and she actually challenges you to make her pregnant. Maybe no one ever told her that a Ladyboy... read more

24 minutes | LadyboyVice

March 20, 2019


Cuffed Bareback

Angel is simply one of the hottest ladyboys to ever grace Thailand and dare I say the world? Her strong petite body, dramatic eyes, girly voice, firm tits, her tats on her back, I could go on forever. All this comes with a small mouth and tight... read more

21 minutes | LadyboyVice

March 16, 2019


Let's Go Outside Pool Bareback

Sugas is very happy with her boobs, she likes to show them off whenever she can, unfortunately for her Thailand is somewhat more restricted than other countries. But fortunately this country also has tons of beaches where she can wear revealing... read more

15 minutes | LadyboyObsession

March 13, 2019

May 11

Swallow & Enema

May is one of those girls that you don't intend to bring home but once she sits in front of you squeezing her tits together with her arms while pretending to lean on a stool and biting her lip it's kind of hard to not drag her back by her hair and... read more

22 minutes | LadyboyVice

March 6, 2019

Fay 2

Angelic Blonde

I am a true sucker for Asian girls with blonde hair, it gives them such an unusual and sexy look and it shows they aren't shy when it comes to showing off their looks and confidence in Public. They know they are sexy and probably sexier than the... read more

20 minutes | LadyboyVice

March 2, 2019

Fay 2

Summer Love Bareback

Fay IMO is one of the prettiest Ladyboys to ever embrace porn. I've had her pleasure a couple times and this time she wears her favorite beach wear, I had seen several Ladyboys wearing this type of outfit on the beaches of Pattaya and sure... read more

15 minutes | LadyboyObsession

February 27, 2019


Enjoy on Top

I had an itch and whatever I tried to do about it wouldn't go away, I asked Enjoy if she ever experienced something like that and she told me she knew exactly what it was and what procedure she had to tackle the nuisance.

Enjoy also... read more

27 minutes | LadyboyVice

February 20, 2019


Short Hair Sperm Blast

Mimi has a very innocent looking face and overall appearance, when I first saw her downtown waiting for the next BTS train to arrive I thought she was a regular girl, she stood out because she had a school girl haircut but seemed a bit tall and... read more

21 minutes | LadyboyVice

February 16, 2019


Emo Girl Bareback Gape

Sexy skinny femboy Chotika who makes anyone twice as cool just being with that person. She is one of the best finds for anyone who likes to play and share time with asian femboys. The sex drive of a horny teenager and her hard dick combined with... read more

18 minutes | LadyboyObsession

February 13, 2019


Gimme Flat Chest Pimmie

Pimmie had been so difficult to find lately, it seemed like she was either out of the game or she had too many people inviting her into their beds. When I finally did find her, I made sure we were going to have a great night that lasted, we went... read more

24 minutes | LadyboyVice

February 6, 2019

Jessy 3

Cheeky Cum Shower

Jessy has this naughty no good girl face that she uses to seduce you whenever you're near. She had done it several times and it took a while before she agreed to do it on tape for all the viewers at home to enjoy her sexy body dick sucking skills.... read more

22 minutes | LadyboyVice

February 2, 2019


Beach Lover Bareback

I saw Prem's, or as I like to call her Premmie's latest set of pictures on Instagram. Looking as hot as can be. I asked myself why have I not been meeting this hottie for more than a week? I contacted her and asked her if she could come over. She... read more

22 minutes | LadyboyObsession

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