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Venus 2

Dildo and Cum Covered Bod 4k

Venus told me that some of her friends at school were joking around using the word dildo and 'training'. She laughed along but she actually didn't know what a dildo was. So to find out what it was without her friends realizing she didn't know she... read more

23 minutes | LadyboyObsession


Chained Cocksuckers Beg For Cum

198 Mos and Meme. Mos and Meme have almost been putting the rest of the ladyboys in Bangkok completely out of business for a while offering a service that you won't find anywhere else and that has every horny bastard lined up to experience over... read more

22 minutes | LadyboyVice


Horny and You Know It Bareback

Kwan has had a considerable amount of experience with me by now and she seems to think she is starting to figure me out. She contacts me making me think she really misses me but clearly she does it to help herself. We got to the stage she allows... read more

21 minutes | LadyboyObsession


Open Winker Femboy with Topping

197 Bovei. Skinny little brown sugar Bovei is back for another video for Ladyboy Vice, this time she wears a collar and is cuffed like she is property purchased for only one goal which is pleasing dick. And she does, she looks extremely sexy in... read more

22 minutes | LadyboyVice



That Ass So Big Bareback 4k

When I had Mona up in my crib before and we hung out for a bit after our session she asked me what I would change about her to make her look better. Of course I wasn't gonna walk into that trap and told her I wouldn't change a thing, just maybe... read more

27 minutes | LadyboyObsession

Mickey 1

Begging For Piss and Cum

By now if you are into Ladyboys. especially petite cute ones and in particular ones that don't mind to receive a warm smelly salty golden shower, you must have seen this perfect girl before. Mickey is back, all dolled up with pretty French braids... read more

21 minutes | LadyboyVice

What is Ladyboy Vice? is all about featuring the deepest ladyboy fetish fantasies. Experience ladyboy fuckdolls get chained, gagged and handcuffed in filthy shorttime rooms around Thailand while getting barebacked until they are covered in cum. There's no limit to what these sexy fuckdoll tgirls are willing to do to satisfy your every need. Explore your ladyboy fetish fantasies here on!

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Sir Yes Sir Bareback

It's not like I am in shape myself, I mean, in most countries I'd be considered a fat bastard, but I prefer my Ladyboys to be, unlike myself, in tip top shape. So when Winnie was trying to score a gig I pointed out my preference, she didn't let... read more

22 minutes | LadyboyObsession

Sakura 2

Chained Up Sissy Bareback

Mean, lean and pretty sex machine Sakura is back, I know I said mean, but she isn't that, she's quite the opposite. She is what one would call a good girl among the Pattaya ladyboy hordes, that I can vouch for. Gorgeous and raw butthole that's... read more

22 minutes | LadyboyVice


Juicy Hole Slammed with Dick

When I met Kwan in the bar she worked she was super nice and her tight flat chested body and her naughty clothing were difficult too resist. I was thrilled when I got her to come with me to make a video, you might have seen it, a while back. But... read more

21 minutes | LadyboyVice

Mickey 1

French Braids Huge Facial

Mickey asked what I was up to, I told her I was kind of busy, she then said she wanted to come play, I told her again it was a bad time. Then she sent a clip of her jerking her cock, for some reason I suddenly wasn't all that busy. I told her to... read more

25 minutes | LadyboyObsession

Amy 5

Ponytail Pulled & G-String Aside

Amy loves to be the object of desire so much, she loves men stare at her with lust in their eyes and make her awkward. If she could without being judged, she'd walk around in her pouch underwear around areas with lots of men, her body on full... read more

21 minutes | LadyboyVice


Poy 3

Pretty in Orange Bareback 4k

Poy is such a pretty girl with the cutest of smiles, when she flashes it you see this shy and naught half shiny white moon between her lips. Her perfect tits just scream for a touch, especially when she is wearing this tight orange top pretending... read more

23 minutes | LadyboyObsession


Piss, Vomit and CIM Kink

EXTREME WARNING FOR VOMIT. Ladyboys, as you probably already know, are amazing, unlike most girls they are willing to do virtually anything you want so you can do anything you wouldn't do to your girlfriend. Personally, I would never slide my... read more

12 minutes | LadyboyVice


Hardcore Debut CIM

I saw Tongye on an online dating site, she was in Bangkok for a short visit, her college was closed for the summer and she wanted to take the opportunity to go out and meet some foreigners to play with, she just wanted to have some fun and not... read more

21 minutes | LadyboyObsession

Mickey 1

Rockhard While Fucked

How sexy, cute and feminine does Mickey look in her pink babydoll nightwear? Well actually it wasn't hers, I told her to wear it, she didn't like it too much, she felt it would turn her into a girl completely and she wasn't fully comfortable with... read more

22 minutes | LadyboyVice

Wawa 3

Asian Snow White

Wawa is in and out of the country constantly, she has guys in several countries pulling her towards them and you can't blame them. So whenever I know she is back where she came from I try to meet uppitiest with her. Why? Well because she is the... read more

21 minutes | LadyboyObsession

Kitty 4

Pure Bottom Bareback Gape

Wow, just wow. Whenever I see Kitty I just don't know what to say or think. She has truly one of the most pretty faces I have ever seen on a Ladyboy and she is so classy, it is a miracle she is even willing to meet me, let alone make porn with me.... read more

21 minutes | LadyboyVice

Ning 4

Pattaya Topping Threesome

Ning had been pushing for a video in which she could be the top but I'm not much for being a bottom so I told her she'd need to negotiate. She turned out pretty good at that because she knows what guys like it seems, she suggested she'd bring her... read more

23 minutes | LadyboyObsession


Strawberry Blonde Hardcore Debut

Fix, a true superstar who reminds me of a young, just broken free from her first music contract Mariah Carrey, the way she moves, the don't come near me, I'm way out of your league, just looks at me and pay me vibe all over her. Don't get me... read more

22 minutes | LadyboyVice


Pepper's Bathtub Blowjob

What better way to spice up your bathing experience after a lazy afternoon at the beach than adding some Pepper to the water. Gorgeous Pepper is back for another video showing off her stunning looks that will have anyone fooled into thinking she's... read more

21 minutes | LadyboyObsession


Extreme Puke and Piss Kink

VOMIT WARNING. Lovely dark skinned Cat is one of my favorites, her skinny body with her long cock and her lust for sex are great feats. We had made a golden shower video before and it was her first time ever she claimed, I asked her if she wanted... read more

18 minutes | LadyboyVice

Aum 6

Chained Bare Bitch

In case you didn't know, in case you haven't had the pleasure to experience it first hand, Aum is one of the hottest finds in Pattaya. She might not have the most feminine look, but she has a charming smile, a fit body and will do anything you... read more

21 minutes | LadyboyObsession

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Girlfriend Dress, No Pantie Creampie 4k

Blonde-haired ladyboy Bon is wearing a floral girlfriend dress with black heels. She pulls down her dress to let out her tits and the POV oils them...



Ballworship ATM Bareback Cum on My Sack 4k

Slim Ladyboy Kitty is on the couch wearing crimson lingerie with stockings. She presses her tits together over her bustier and lowers it a little...



Armpit Licking and Bareback Topping 4K

Pyetra Radi and her man are insatiable as they suck the juices from every inch of each others bodies. They take turns topping until they both...