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September 20, 2017


Book it or Lose it

I had tried to get skinny little big dicked Pooh back into bed for a while but every time she was constantly busy, either that or she just simply had enough of me. When she did finally answer the phone she told me she was away on a holiday with... read more

25 minutes

September 13, 2017

Elle 2

Elle C'est Belle

I love Asian girls with European nick names, it shows they like to experience Western things, and I love to help them experience these things. This first scene with Elle shows you one of her first experiences with a foreign man and it shows in the... read more

21 minutes

September 6, 2017

Fern 3

Tiny Femboy Taken From Behind

Fern had been very good to me several times, but we didn't get to make any videos up until now. When we finally decided to give it a try I felt particularly evil to this tiny dickgirl. So I cuffed her arms behind her back, laid her down on her... read more

19 minutes

August 30, 2017

Fay 2

Good Girl Turns Bad

Fay showed up in a regular innocent enough looking dress. For a moment I thought I was going to have a hard time getting it on but as soon as her clothes came off and I saw her not so innocent tattoos I got so unbelievably excited. She changed... read more

29 minutes

August 23, 2017


Big Erect Dark Cock

Cat had been very hesitant for very long towards making porn, when she finally decided to give it a try she did not disappoint. I had to get her back for a second round quickly and you can watch it right now. Cat shows you why she was made for... read more

25 minutes

August 16, 2017


Blowjob Expertise

A ladyboy friend of mine whom I meet regularly for exploration told me about her friend who taught her how to suck a cock properly. Since she herself always does a very decent job I was very anxious to meet the one who taught her how. She warned... read more

20 minutes

August 9, 2017


Dark Skinned Horny Bitch

Where most models exaggerate the "fashionably late" rule which I hate, Bami showed up early and caught me off guard making my drop my phone when she suddenly banged on the door like she was with the gestapo. When I opened the door and waited... read more

21 minutes

August 2, 2017


College Braces

A boy that looks like a girl, but has the sex drive of a teenager. Is willing to do anything to please you. And no one needs to know. Life could have been so much better when I was young. But it wasn't. I didn't have access to a girl like that so... read more

21 minutes

July 26, 2017


Rough Anal Bareback

Janice showed up wearing a casual outfit as if she was just about to work out in the gym, the though of going to a gym always makes me tired so I told her to change out of those clothes immediately and wear the things I brought for her, when she... read more

23 minutes

July 19, 2017

Linda 2

Le Freak C'est Chique

I had only just experienced Linda's warm wet mouth for the first time a few weeks ago and I had planned to meet her several more times. Then she told me she was planning on having a sex change within a week so I had to speed things up a bit and... read more

19 minutes

July 12, 2017

Noi 3

Noi Back For More

Noi kept bugging me for footage of our previous meetings. I told her I had deleted everything ages ago and she'd have to look for it here on this site. It didn't matter how many times I told her, she'd ask me the exact same thing again the next... read more

26 minutes

July 5, 2017


One Big Hungry Bunny

Lotus likes sex so much she eventually turned into a rabbit. And she is one bunny who had a few too many carrots maybe. I told her I had developed a special program for fat rabbits, it included locked hands to prevent her from putting things in... read more

17 minutes

June 28, 2017


Cum Covered Cat

Cat is quite a catch, she had never made porn before she met me. I had been asking her for a while but she was always away with other lucky men or wasn't up for it. When we finally met I almost jazzed my pants when she walked in and I saw how... read more

22 minutes

June 21, 2017

Vicky 3

Skinny Fuck Bunny

I caught Vicky in the mall wearing some silly Easter bunny outfit. She was promoting some store that mainly sold chocolates. I talked to her, got her number and in the evening I called her and invited her to come over and bring that uniform she... read more

17 minutes

June 14, 2017

Vava 1

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

One thing I love about Thailand is the number of locations offering rooms you can turn to to do your dirt. You are never far away when you are in Pattaya which is a blessing especially when you run into devilish girls like Vava. I met her at a... read more

23 minutes

June 7, 2017


Hello Sugas

I had fallen straight in love with Sugas soft skin, huge eyes and downright sexy lips. So I had to get her back as fast as possible. I lay awake at night anticipating meeting up with her again but I clearly wasn't the only one because she was hard... read more

24 minutes

May 31, 2017


Shy Cutie Pie

When Hannah and I got to the room, and after she had agreed to do a hardcore video, she suddenly became hesitant. Basically when the lights came on. She asked me to tell her again what I wanted to do. The way her dick started increasing in size... read more

12 minutes

May 24, 2017


Big Puppy Eyes

I saw Feya with some of her friends, one of whom I already knew at the mall, so I messaged my friend and asked her to ask her friend to come over and sit down with me. From a distance I watched as my friend talked to Feya, pointed at me for a... read more

16 minutes

May 17, 2017

Moo 2

Big Moo

Moo showed up stuffed in jeans that seemed to tear any second. Although she is heavy, she is sexy and she will let you know. She loves to eat cock and she let me know as well. I couldn't remember ever banging a big girl before so I was curious how... read more

21 minutes

May 10, 2017


Caught Off Guard

After chatting with Marky for a while I decided to ask her to come over and do a shoot, she agreed and told me she’d be over in two hours. Where usually that means one to two hours after the agreed time I nearly dropped my drink when there was a... read more

16 minutes

May 3, 2017

Donut 3

Minny Donut ... Big Fun

Donut is very eager to become a well renowned porn star so she keeps pushing for more airtime, this time she brought a friend in order to seduce me into making another video with her. When Minny followed Donut into my room I was happy she did.... read more

30 minutes

April 26, 2017


Strawberry Shakes Facial

I met Berry at a club where she caught my eye when she was drinking a strawberry & rum drink through a straw. Licking her lips overtime showed me she either really loved the taste are she was as horny as I was, or maybe both. So I decided to go... read more

15 minutes

April 19, 2017


Give Me More Sugar

From the moment I saw her I knew what I wanted .Sugas had this sweet innocent look on her face while she was having her ice cream. I approached her, offered her another ice cream just so I could see her lick the ice from her lips. It gave me an... read more

21 minutes

April 12, 2017


Helplessly Cuffed

Pooh had left quite a strong impression so I got her back for a second round. This time we shared the night like newly weds hugging and kissing all night long. Although I guess most newly weds won't cuff their lovers' wrists and ankles together to... read more

23 minutes

April 5, 2017


Tall Sexy Bareback

When I opened the door for Jataime I was startled, I had met here before of course but that was when we were seated next to each other on bar stools at a club and I won't lie. I had a couple of beers, so many that I don't even remember how I made... read more

30 minutes

March 29, 2017

Donut 3

Glazed Donut Blowjob

I liked my time with her when she invited me over to her place and agreed to make her porn debut with me so I had to ask her for more and she agreed. I love it when the girls I meet have cute little nicknames like Donut. It makes my think of dirty... read more

11 minutes

March 22, 2017


Bottomless Throat and Ass

Lyomi entered while I was at an overpriced coffee shop. She was with some friends so I felt hesitant to approach her. I decided to wait it out and follow her to look for an opportunity. When she entered a small convenience store I grabbed to... read more

17 minutes

March 15, 2017


Fuck My GF and Spunk Me

My little Angel is constantly on my mind to be fair. I do my best to meet her as often as possible and get her to record more videos for all of you to enjoy. For this video she texted me when she was near my room and said her friend Jennifer was... read more

22 minutes

March 8, 2017

Cherry 2

Cherry Popped Long Ago

Seldom I run into Ladyboys who have done anything I can imagine even before I knew it was possible, Cherry was all like 'been there, done that' when I met her so luckily she was more than willing to take my cum all over her. When she showed up... read more

19 minutes

March 1, 2017


Enjoy Skinny Little Enjoy

Enjoy's nick name couldn't be any more right on the money, she made me enjoy every single second and basically made me want to give up making porn just to be with her. Watching her waiting for me to have a go at her, her tiny little hormone... read more

20 minutes

February 22, 2017

Emmy 2

Silky Mouth and Anus

Emmy was standing outside after another energetic and impressive performance. I had to wait in line with all the others to talk to her. I was willing to do so because it's not often I find myself check out someone with a cock between their legs... read more

20 minutes

February 15, 2017


Ice Cream Treat

I caught Pooh working at another ice cream salon wearing one of those obscenely cute and innocent work uniforms they make the staff wear. I decided to have a seat and make eye contact with her to come over. When she came over to take my order I... read more

18 minutes

February 8, 2017


Are You Going to Bangkok?

In Thailand they have the expression "Are you going to Bangkok" when people dress up for something, they supposedly want to look sharp for the big city. In this case people who asked Catherine this question were right on the money, she was in fact... read more

19 minutes

February 1, 2017


New Boobie Tryout

I had seen Firsty on the Internet before and I always had fantasize about meeting her and making my own dirty little video with her. When I finally ran into her and I thought my bad intentions were finally going to come to fruition she told me she... read more

26 minutes

January 25, 2017


Hold Onto What's Good

Angel had left a lasting impression on me so I just had to book her again before one of you members snatches her off the scene and imports her to some far away European or American place. She was quite the find so I made sure everyone who doesn’t... read more

25 minutes

January 18, 2017


As Hard As It Stays Bareback

Amie was my fail safe. My original girl decided it was a great idea to just stop answering her phone two hours prior to our meet up. I had been saving up my cum for almost two days straight and I was ready to burst. I had to have someone, anyone... read more

25 minutes

January 11, 2017


Perfect Ending to a Date

When I met Kaori in a club it was love at first sight. The way she moved, the way she smiled at her friends, she looked stunning to say the least. I thought about how it would be if she were my girlfriend, when I gathered the courage to go talk to... read more

25 minutes

January 4, 2017

Patty 6

Pouty Face Diva

Watching Patty's behind move in circles is hypnotizing, her putting on a sad face and pouting her lips made me feel like a total jerk if I wouldn't have pulled her out of the venue she was working and though I am a jerk, I do engage in charity... read more

20 minutes

December 28, 2016

Nanny 2

Ghost of Ladyboycock Past Bareback

After nearly a year of radio silence and I don't know how many boyfriends she might've had, I suddenly saw Nanny's familiar cute face pop up on a dating website. I had a great session with her before so I immediately picked up the phone and told... read more

19 minutes

December 21, 2016


Japanese Housewife

Aoki is the perfect Japanese wife, she cooks, she cleans and all she asks for in return is that you take her out to her favourite sushi restaurant every now and again …that and also to treat her as the dirty little girl she actually is after... read more

24 minutes

December 14, 2016


Dickgirl Doppleganger

Little Angel is as cute as they get, short, fit and angel faced. Maybe it was the whiskey doing the judging but she kind of reminded of A teenage version of that girl who played in otherwise crappy Dark Angel series. I always wanted to have a go... read more

26 minutes

December 7, 2016


Two Ladyboy Blowjob

I was feeling particularly evil horny after I got drunk at a bar thought I was in for a nice long night with this cute girl I had been buying drinks but when the time came to move on the next stage it turned out we both had very different... read more

22 minutes

November 30, 2016


Busty Raw Dog Sex

Pamela had been so nice to me in our previous meetings, I just had to get her back once more but this time I wanted to fuck her bareback. She had never had bareback sex before so it took a while before she agreed to do it. When I was sliding back... read more

26 minutes

November 23, 2016


Slimy and Busty Cum Target

I had been gathering as many Japanese Twitter friends in Japan as I could hoping I could find one that understands English enough so I wouldn't have to rely on unreliable translate service apps or websites, you wouldn't believe the... read more

31 minutes

November 16, 2016

Donut 3

Hung & Collared Cum Mixture

I had met Donut a year before through a friend at a party where she showed great interest in my porn adventures and then never saw her again, that was until I saw her enter the convenience store to buy some water and detergent. I approached her... read more

18 minutes

November 9, 2016

Linda 2

Schoolgirl Delight

I had been noticing that lots of Japanese TS like to advertise themselves using medical masks to hide their faces. I had been fantasizing about ravishing one of those naughty girls and revealing the faces behind the masks for a while now, so when... read more

20 minutes

November 2, 2016

Nutty 2

Oral and Anal Sex Slave

I saw Nutty when I was feeling hot and went out to buy some ice cream. She wore one of those sun caps, a polo and tight jeans, her body was just screaming for attention. Her polo shirt was a little tight so her breasts were gasping for air, I... read more

19 minutes

October 26, 2016


Gagged and Spunk Covered

Golf couldn't stop texting me after I told her I was back in her town, maybe it's my charms, so eventually I just gave in and gave her what she wanted ... but not what I wanted so to be continued. read more

35 minutes

October 19, 2016


Oiled Cock and Jizz Mouthful

The previous times I spent time with Benzey were good enough for me to give her another buzz, she was the first ladyboy on my to do list and she didn't disappoint. I couldn't have imagined a warmer welcome back to this country, she reminded me of... read more

28 minutes

October 12, 2016


Big Butt Diva

Piimai looks stunning, she could fool anyone if she keeps her skirt on, she looks like a beautiful girl that should be on tv, yes, I'll repeat that, she should be on tv. If not for her looks, definitely for her attitude, her standards are rather... read more

10 minutes

October 5, 2016

May 11

Cum Covered & Well Fucked

The hottest sight is seeing a hot Ladyboy completely covered in sperm. Sperm from herself, sperm from the guy fucking her. For most Ladyboys the more sperm the better and May is a testament to this. She loves cum. May sucks cock like a champ... read more

21 minutes

September 28, 2016


All You Need is Enjoy!

I think it is safe to say we can all agree that Enjoy is a one in big number kind of girl. Her skinny body, big eyes, wonderful smile and lest I forget, a big fat dick. I cannot get enough of her and decided to ask her to bring a friend. Her... read more

21 minutes

September 21, 2016

Nan 5

Bareback and Cum Swallow

Nan is ridden HARD, barebacked and stuffed with a fat cock. She's pounded ass-to-mouth in her schoolgirl uniform with no panties. Missionary and doggystyle, until the popshot build from the POV dick. It unloads fully in her open mouth and Nan... read more

19 minutes

September 14, 2016

Patty 3

Reluctant Facial

Sometimes it's nice to have a grudge blowjob, concentrating only on a girls mouth. Her sole job is to satisfy you with her mouth no matter what it takes. I took joy in having Patty service me today, and had a smile deep down as I came all over... read more

16 minutes

September 7, 2016


Flat Chest Bareback

Tiny tit Pampam slurps down cock and is buttfucked in this hot raw session. Pampam has that slutty look and twinkle in her eye that she's ready for anything. Her round ass is stuffed full of uncut cock and hold onto the collar as you ride her... read more

10 minutes

August 31, 2016


Legs Up Barebacking

After cute college girl Dani received her first ever facial and prior to that the first ever gag reflexes while giving head she begged me for more. What could I do other than accepting and using her teenage body like a whore. Watch Dani's follow... read more

15 minutes

August 24, 2016


Big Jugs & Snug Shitter

I just had to make another video with this cutie pie, to feel my cock inside her snug shitter. Pamela dons the fetish mask and I play with her big silicone juggs. She's all smiles with her stocking legs high in the air being reamed like there's... read more

16 minutes

August 17, 2016


Collared and Seedy Bareback

What’s left to say about Darly? She is a true dream girl. Those luscious full lips smacking on cock and cum. Watch the sex oozing off of her during this latest video and if you have her contact details, don't hold out on me. The viewers deserve... read more

11 minutes

August 10, 2016


Jerked Off While Fucked

Love when the girls do something extra with their look. Kawaii has a little blonde to her hair, and it matches perfectly her dirtiness in bed. Kawaii munches on my cock staring right in the camera. She's slutted up nicely in lingerie and... read more

10 minutes

August 3, 2016

New 2

Top and Bottom Play

This is more of a mix & match of fucking adventure with New and Citrus. I get to enjoy being topped, then dive deep inside of some glorious tight young Ladyboy ass. At times I feel like the luckiest man in the world ... this is one of those times. read more

17 minutes

July 27, 2016

Noon 2

Kinky ATM Barebacking

Noon is such a kinky bitch, loving dirty ass-to-mouth bareback action until her mouth is filled with spunk. Every session with Noon is mind blowing. Dressed in see-through lingerie, and her hands handcuffed submissively turns Noon on. She... read more

25 minutes

July 20, 2016

Nana 2

Oiled Up BJ & Mutual Cumshots

Nana is a horny short dark skinned girl who always has one hand wrapped around her cock, the she smokes, she strokes, when she is texting her boyfriend, she strokes, when she's taking a piss she strokes. I'm telling you, it's like her hand is... read more

20 minutes

July 13, 2016

Kim 5

Bareback for Blonde Teen

Cute flat-chested Kim studies French and Spanish and for some reason she keeps telling herself I'm from France so when she asks me always asks me to help her with her French homework I always pretend I don't understand her over the phone and I... read more

16 minutes

July 6, 2016


Huge Ropey Cumshot

Jany uses her wet mouth and hand to finish me off. She's in S & M gear and black bra and panties. Jany is beautiful enough I could jerk off to a photo of her, but much better to have the real thing. It took all my effort to make this episode... read more

23 minutes

June 29, 2016


Jizz Covered Goddess

Daeng is stacked, and collared in just panties giving head like a champion. Angels sing when Daeng bends over and has her ass in the air. Daeng's fucked hard doggystyle and missionary until she's covered in a big cumshot of jizz. read more

17 minutes

June 22, 2016


Racehorse Fuckdoll

Benzey is built like a brick shithouse. Fit body, big tits, fully functional cock. Benzey's asshole is a thing of beautiful and her asshole is receptive and every ready. Enjoy this raunchy POV fuckfest with cum stallion Benzey. read more

17 minutes

June 15, 2016

Pretty Bee

Lingerie and Condom Sex

Bee loves sucking my fat cock and taking it up her seasoned ass. She gives a POV blowjob wearing a lingerie and stockings. A fantastic deep throat then bend her over for a randy fucking. I make sure to give Pretty Bee a reach around fucking her... read more

16 minutes

June 8, 2016


Giant Tits, Raw Sex & Spermed

Arys gave me such a hard time, I had been on a plane for over 8 hours drooling over the pictures she sent me, I could feel my balls sliding up and down between my legs working double time to produce sperm for the skinny cheeky monkey. But after I... read more

14 minutes

June 1, 2016


G-String Aside Bareback Slam

I saw Linzy standing down the line behind me to buy cinema tickets, I was alone, she was with some friends and they looked fine as can be in their tight clothes so I pretended I was waiting for them and gestured them over. I wasn't planning on... read more

19 minutes

May 25, 2016


Huge Boobies Hardcore

Kiki's English is so spot on I could've sworn she was a U.S. resident who fled the U.S. to go and stay in a country with a large concentration of shemale and ladyboy lovers so she could easily get laid any time she is in heat, it's just my dirty... read more

12 minutes

May 18, 2016


Deep Throat & Gorgeous Sex

Citrus is one of the most sexy ladyboys you could possibly ever meet, long legs, skinny body, big dark eyes, soft girly voice, long clean shiny hair and a sexy smile. All that and the added bonus of a dick between her legs, what else could you... read more

17 minutes

May 11, 2016

Patty 3

Green Hair, Big Tit Sex

I love Ladyboys with weird hair. And big tits. Hmm, well I love almost all ladyboys so we can just add these two things to the list. Patty has greenish hair and a soft curvy body. She's wearing garter stockings and after sucking my cock Patty... read more

20 minutes

May 4, 2016


Deep Throat & Sperm Sprayed

Pampam submissively services a thick cock on her knees until her open mouth and face are completely wrecked with a big cumshot! Pampam is so slutty, in the perfect way. Silky long hair, a bottomless throat, a hungry mouth. Pampam gets her... read more

12 minutes

April 27, 2016


Hair Sticky with Sperm

Honestly, you don't need to be a genius why in some countries the women are overtaking the men career wise. Imagine if you were to go to college and every day of the year the temperature makes girls around you to wear revealing uniforms. If that... read more

19 minutes

April 20, 2016


Sissy Cum Swallower

Soft spoken Pamela is very feminine, she has a friendly demeanor and always takes the time to have a talk and set you at ease and make sure you feel satisfied before she leaves. If you ever get the chance to be with her you should jump on the... read more

14 minutes

April 13, 2016


Favorite Cocksucker Facial

My favorite cocksucker in the world was finally available again and finally replied to my calling, in case you haven't met Darly, you are one of the unlucky ones, if you like sloppy blowjobs with shameless looking back at you while you watch your... read more

12 minutes

April 6, 2016

Apple 4

Nipple Licking & Ass Fucking

Apple is a gem, and so easy to cum with her. There's a special move she does while giving a blowjob. She'll move up and lick on your nipples while jerking your cock. Apple impales her asshole fully on my dick, her big tits bouncing and neck... read more

15 minutes

March 30, 2016


Mouthful of Sperm

Namwarn looks scandalously sexy in her stockings and minuscule thong, she is the perfect mix between boy and girl. She is very obedient as if she has been trained for years, I had planned to blast my cum all over her face and hurt her eyes but her... read more

17 minutes

March 23, 2016

Nanny 2

Wide Eyed Buttfucking

Her name made me recall the days I had a nanny myself, the way she tucked me in, the way she read me bedtime stories, the way she held me when the thunder rolled, if only she would have been a little bit more like Nanny I might have discovered my... read more

14 minutes

March 16, 2016

Kitty 2

Backdoored Beauty

Fan favorite Kitty likes to wrestle with men, if she wins she gets to fuck you, if you win you get to do whatever you want. Her powerful amazon body and sniffing her nut suck and ass awaken primal urges to just fuck like animals so I took the bet... read more

19 minutes

March 9, 2016


Tiny Titty Cocksucker

I had seen Mon on the Internet before, back then she was more of a he and he was featured on some gay website doing naughty things. Unlike most of the models featured on that website Mon looked fragile and feminine so I had pounded off to the... read more

12 minutes

March 2, 2016

Nan 5

Blasted Jizz Facial

Nan is dressed in her schoolgirl outfit and her pretty face covered in cum. Nan gives a great blowjob. Deep throating as much as she can with her cock peeking form the bottom of her miniskirt. Nan furiously works the POV cock until it unloads... read more

13 minutes

February 24, 2016


Handjob Finisher

It took me forever to track down Piimai, I had seen her on some website before being a total diva so I saw it as a challenge to make a porn video with her in which she would behave differently. When I finally found her there were several rounds of... read more

12 minutes

February 17, 2016

Noon 2

Bottom and Top

The first time I was in Pattaya I honestly had no idea what a ladyboy was. I was new to Thai girls, I wasn't really familiar with boys who look like girls. One night I was not having more fun than normal but all the same and was approached by... read more

11 minutes

February 10, 2016

New 2

New and Citrus Threesome

My last meeting with New left me wanting for more, she was just so hard to meet and she had snug out after I paid her and when I went for piss which robbed me of my chance to kiss and cuddle. I tried so many times to meet her again but for some... read more

23 minutes

February 3, 2016

Nana 2

Used For A Sperm Target

Nana chose her nick name after that world renowned entertainment venue so it leaves no doubt what her intentions are. Big emotional eyes, soft tanned skin and a naughty choice of words makes Nana a perfect holiday companion. Cute plump Nana loves... read more

10 minutes

January 27, 2016


Kittycat Bareback

Maleena is one of those girls who likes to take things slow, instead of pulling your pants down and going straight to sucking and trying to make you cum even before you get hard she likes to cuddle and kiss. Nice wet long deep kisses that make you... read more

23 minutes

January 20, 2016


Spermed Schoolgirl

When I was strolling the streets late at night I was held up by Golf and some of her friends, they made me choose, give them my wallet of get beat up and stabbed by all of their dicks unprotected. I didn't have that much cash on me so if I... read more

20 minutes

January 13, 2016

Paula 2

Spunk Loaded Throat

I told Paula my sperm was magic, that anyone who would apply my cum onto their skin would look ten years younger. It worked out, within ten minutes after I told her my secret she was trying hard to put my claims to the test. She gave a nice gentle... read more

11 minutes

January 6, 2016


Ponytail Deep Throat

I met Kiki through one of her friends who was celebrating her birthday one evening at a restaurant, she was with some guy and she seemed overly proud of him. I felt jealous because her big moist lips and soft face were all I could think off while... read more

16 minutes

December 30, 2015


GF Raw Sex & Facial

Ladyboy Mint is so small and cute AND soft, she would do great being a girlfriend to anyone that doesn't want to stand out having a ladyboy by his side, she blends in well among girls. I had fallen in love with her the moment I first laid eyes on... read more

11 minutes

December 23, 2015


Late Night Barebacking

I met Benzey once in a bar and we really hit it off but because I was preoccupied I couldn't take her home with me. When I went back the next day she had gone to Bangkok so I was very sad indeed for the missed opportunity. I had been wanting to... read more

14 minutes

December 16, 2015

Pretty Bee

Gagged, barebacked & Facialed

Another first timer, I'm on a roll! Bee is a little intimidating at first, she's like an amazon, though not muscular you can tell she'll lay you out if you mess with her. This sheer strength is however also the exact reason why my bollocks felt... read more

19 minutes

December 9, 2015

May 11

College Student Outfit, Lord Help Me

Ladyboy May left a huge impression on me so I decided to call her up again, Donut had looked nice in her school uniform so I decided to buy May a uniform even though she wasn't in school any longer. She looks hot, it makes me want to go to college... read more

20 minutes

December 2, 2015


Fat Bottom Ladyboy HJ Finish

Ladyboy Anitta is big fun with an even bigger but, when you see her from the side you wonder how it's even possible to have an ass that sticks that far out on such a lean skinny body. Either she is related to a certain famous female tennis player... read more

14 minutes

November 25, 2015

Nadia 4

Drooling Anal Debut

Ladyboy Nadia is one of the horniest and at the same time sweetest ladyboys I've ever come across. It blew my mind fucking her on camera for her second ladyboy hardcore video, watching her drool while I was pounding her ass and looking at her in... read more

16 minutes

November 18, 2015


Skinny College Ladyboy Hardcore

Ladyboy Cupcake is a very skinny ladyboy teenager and is still in school, school is expensive these days so I decided to help her out a bit by giving her a part time job. Short time to be precise. Emptying the content of my balls all over her... read more

24 minutes

November 11, 2015

Patty 6

Good Secretary Deep Throat

Cute nerdy Patty came in to the office for a job interview after reading my advertisement in the job section of the local newspaper. She said she'd like to apply for the secretary position even though she had no experience. I told her that apart... read more

13 minutes

November 4, 2015

Amy 2

Bad Little Kitty

When cute little Amy licks your shaft and looks at you with her big innocent eyes you play with the thought of keeping that cute little kitty as your pet. Amy's soft skin and inviting warm little mouth make you want to come back for more ... which... read more

16 minutes

October 28, 2015

Natty 2

Soft & Tender GF Material

Natty is the sweetest thing, real girlfriend material. She sure had me fooled, she approached me one night during my latest Singapore visit after she caught me checking her out abut I told her I wasn't interested in girls. She let me in on her... read more

24 minutes

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